Our Mission

Our mission is to share the agricultural experience by helping connect people, from our community and beyond, back to the land. Living close to earth is a lifestyle. To be a farmer is to be an agronomist, economist, mechanic, entrepreneur, and common laborer. Farming is not just tilling the land, planting a seed and harvesting one's crop. It takes commitment and patience, but the fruits of the labor are well worth it. We want to share the joy of healthy living, hard work and of course, hard play. A local Tennessee farm that practices sustainable farming is the perfect setting for many ways to get back to nature. If you'd like to have an event at the farm, please give us a call.

Our Farm


When you visit the farm, you'll see something new each time: from lettuce, cabbage and heirloom tomatoes, to corn, beans, blackberries and blueberries. We even have hops growing for a local craft brewer. Our farm produces healthy, natural food to feed a great many people. You can find produce from Hayshed Farms On Big Turnbull Creek at the Kingston Springs Farmers and Artisans Market during the season. You may even be enjoying it on your plate at the local restaurants that buy from the farm!

A simple Life

This farm is our playground, and we hope to share it with kids of all ages. Relax and restore with your spouse, and remember what it's all about, or spend time with the whole family and watch your child's eyes light up as she play in the creek, rides the hay wagon, or searches for items on a scavenger hunt. The simple pleasures are easy to enjoy at Hayshed Farms. We choose to live a simple life of hard work that life gives us a sense of connectedness and responsibility, something we want to share with the community. We hope you will take some time to come out, slow down and enjoy the good life. 


Hayshed Farms is located on fertile, creek bottom land. Farming is done the old-fashioned way, by rotating crops, planting what grows best in soil that has been carefully nurtured and selecting varieties of plants that do well in our environment.

In addition to more traditional row-cropping, Hayshed Farms is a place for people to experience a sustainable way of life in action. Throughout the farm, there are various recycled and repurposed projects that our visitors will encounter. We see these as educational platforms through which we can talk with our guests about responsible stewardship of land and natural resources. 

We also offer several agritourism programs that the public can enjoy with us. 

“When I visit Hayshed Farms, I can feel the stress and busy-ness of the world fall away. It’s a natural retreat.”
— Kim Phillips