Hayshed Farms on Big Turnbull Creek has a long and rich history.

 Part of the farm is land that has been in the Liles Family for decades, and more was added after the big flood of 2010. The hayshed, a magnificent pole barn that sits overlooking the creek stands as a landmark for the local fisherman; when they wanted to get together and fish for some red horse and suckers in the spring, they'd say, "Meet me at the hayshed."

The hayshed was built by the Welch family, the previous owners, who farmed the land for hay while raising Tennessee walking horses for many decades. The creek meanders through the farm and empties into the Harpeth River at a point known as "The Mouth of Turnbull" to the locals and tourists that float the river. 

Currently, the land is a working farm raising row crops, blackberries, herbs, flowers and seasonal vegetables while also offering space for events and overnight glamping getaways! 

Come visit us for an Agritourism getaway

A new term has been coined to describe When visitors take part in farm life and activities such as crop care, handicrafts, cooking, outdoor amusements, natural living and more; it's called Agritourism, and we hope to share it with you. 

Learn more about Tennessee Agritourism here!


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